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Join over 250 Canadian mining companies thriving on our personalized travel solutions — reduce costs, enhance compliance, and enjoy seamless travel. 

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Our team of travel experts have more than 20 years of experience supporting the needs of Canadian mining businesses, so we understand what you need. We’ll work with you to discover the best ways to streamline your travel processes and manage the unique needs of your business. Get the peace of mind you want, the trust you need, and the flexibility that’s important to keep your projects on track.  

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Drive fiscal efficiency of your mining travel with cost management insights


We specialize in the mining sector, and we understand the importance of cost-effective travel solutions that deliver hard savings. We help you manage airline credits and deliver detailed travel spend analytics that empower you to make informed financial decisions that keep your operations lean and your budget on track. 



Seamless travel logistics tailored for mining operations 


Navigate the complexities of crew rotations in remote mining locations with a travel partner who knows the nuances of your industry. Benefit from dedicated support that makes sure every team member arrives on site safely and on schedule, despite the unpredictability of mining projects. 



Ensure safety and policy compliance with specialized mining travel management 


Prioritize the safety and well-being of your international team with our comprehensive duty of care solutions, especially during emergencies. Our travel management solutions deliver essential support for HR professionals, with detailed reporting for safety oversight and streamlined always-on support for your people abroad. 

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“One of the things we most appreciate in our business partnership is the consistency we get with the team at Corporate Traveller. You just can’t replace that relationship. I commend you for being able to maintain the personal touch and relationships regardless of how large you are as an organization.”

Victoria Viveash, Chief Financial Officer @ JDS Mining

“Katherine and her team at Corporate Traveller are the best. They have provided prompt and amazing service to our Geotech Group Companies.”


Christina Yan Gao, Finance @Geotech

Everything is going well and smooth.  Our lives have been made easier and we have a solid plan in place for Travel. So far so GOOD! We are quite pleased with the way things are going. We’ve got a long relationship ahead of us.


Darin Kennedy, HR Manager @ Skeena Resources

With all our growing travel needs, working with Corporate Traveller is a breeze. Amy is fantastic, but we also feel like there is a team of travel experts behind the scenes working proactively to continuously improve our travel program and demonstrate savings.


Steve TraynorField Scheduling Manager @ Hy-tech Drilling

"Corporate Traveller has been our travel partner for over 20 years, providing unwavering support for the seamless travel of our team to destinations near and far. With their dedicated team and end-to-end system, they ease the travel process for us, so we can be on the move and continue to focus on serving our clients."


Ken Embree, President @ Knightpiesold 


Get ahead in managing your mining travels - reach out to our experts now. 

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