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7 business travel challenges in the mining industry and how to solve them


Managing travel in the mining industry doesn't have to be as complicated as it sounds. 

For a lot of companies, managing travel in-house seems like the most logical and cost-effective option. The problem is that often the person tasked with managing your travel also wears other hats and may not have much experience in the travel industry. The margin of error becomes much greater for companies who are doing it themselves, which comes at a cost.

Because we believe that information is key to making the best decisions for your company, let’s look at some of the ways utilizing a travel management company can not only pack value, it also saves you (and your team) loads of time, money, and stress.


1. Simplifying travel to remote locations

  • The challenge: Organizing travel for remote mining operations can overwhelm even the most experienced administrative staff. Whether travel has ramped up or the destinations are tricky to get to, eventually the workload is not sustainable.
  • Our strategy: We take the helm of your travel management, especially for complex destinations like those in the most remote parts of Canada or overseas. Our approach is about efficiency and reducing workload, not just shifting it.

Plus, our seasoned travel experts know the drill, are knowledgeable about the mining industry and your unique needs.


2. Budgeting with precision

  • The challenge: Mining companies, big as they are, are still seeking ways to trim down their substantial travel expenses. You want to get the most out of your budgets, and want better visibility of where your dollars are being spent.
  • Our strategy: Think of us as your budget’s best friend. We find the deals, negotiate like pros, and bring cost-effective solutions to your table. From exploring the possibility of Flight Passes to implementing control measures, we're all about making your dollars work smarter.


3. Reporting for full visibility

  • The challenge: Without a system, managing travel data can be as clear as mud. If there aren’t consistent processes or ways to collect and analyze your data, you could be left in the dark and be missing crucial information on your travel program.
  • Our strategy: Our tool, Melon, isn't just another piece of software – it's the platform that brings clarity to your data needs. We make it simpler to have a comprehensive solution to your data woes, and much needed transparency to your reporting.


4. Air credit management

  • The challenge: You’re cancelling flights and don’t have a simple way of tracking your credits. Tracking and utilizing air credits is often a missed opportunity for mining companies, so it could feel like you’re washing those dollars down the drain. In an industry like mining, with so much crew turnover, this could make a significant impact on your bottom line.
  • Our strategy: We track, we manage, we optimize. It's not just about saving money; it's about making the most of every opportunity. We make sure your finance team, travel bookers, or the travellers themselves always know if a credit is available and can be applied to their trip.


5. Duty of care in times of crisis

  • The challenge: International incidents, like natural disasters, pandemics, or political unrest, are significant risks to overseas staff. Knowing how to navigate travel to or evacuation from these places is not easy.
  • Our strategy: Our traveller safety report and after-hours support offer rapid and efficient responses. Access 24/7 emergency assistance by phone or live-chat from any device. We don’t just report; we act, ensuring the safety and well-being of your international workforce. You can rest easy knowing your team is well looked after, no matter where they are.


6. Managing last minute changes

  • The challenge: The mining industry is dynamic with rotational crew which can lead to frequent travel changes, missed flights, or cancellations. You need support to be able to act fast and make changes efficiently, without worrying about lost dollars.
  • Our strategy: We're that reliable expert who's always there, 24/7. Missed flights or sudden changes? We've got it covered, ensuring policy compliance while providing quick and flexible solutions.


7. Handling high-volume travel with ease

  • The challenge: Coordinating a large number of flights can lead to booking errors and logistical nightmares. It gets especially tough when managing rotational crews of 50-100 travellers. 
  • Our strategy: With a managed travel program, double bookings are history. We make sure every detail is accounted for, from hotel reservations to coordinating with on-going charter flights. Say goodbye to duplicate bookings and hello to streamlined crew travel.


We’re all about making your travel management as straightforward and stress-free as possible. We understand the unique challenges of the mining industry and are equipped with the tools, expertise, and processes to address them effectively.

Ready to transform your travel management experience? Let's chat and pave the way for smoother, more efficient travel solutions for your mining company.


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