Meet The Team

Chris Lynes

Chris Lynes

SVP Corporate Traveller
Chris is the leader of the Canadian business. He has been with the company for close to 20 years and has a wide range of knowledge on all of the functions of the business. He is responsible for ensuring that our business remains in great health, so that we can continue to deliver amazing customer experiences. His Melon magic power is his ability to lead a business while negotiating TV time with his two young daughters.

Tanya Le Page

Tanya is approaching 20 years with the Canadian business and has experience leading the operations function across both leisure and corporate brands. She is responsible for all day to day operations that are relevant to the Corporate Traveller team members, which ultimately affect customers. Tanya’s Melon magic power is her ability to work closely with her husband of 5 years (can you guess who it is on this page?)
Charlene Leiss

Charlene Leiss

FCTG President, Americas
Charlene joined Flight Centre Travel Group (FCTG) during the Boston-based Garber’s Travel Service acquisition by FCM Travel Solutions in 2007. A highly successful business leader, Charlene served as Vice President Sales at FCM before being appointed to President for Corporate Brands USA in 2015, and was appointed President of the Flight Centre Travel Group (FCTG) in January 2020.
Claire Courbet

Claire Courbet

VP Sales
Hailing originally from England, Claire has been with the Canadian business for the last 12 years. She leads our army of sales professionals from coast to coast, ensuring all prospective customers know the benefits of working with Corporate Traveller. Her Melon magic power is her knowledge of the business and the passion she has for sales.
Chris Robinson

Chris Robinson

Corporate Finance Manager
Chris has been with Flight Centre Travel Group for 13 years with experience working across both the leisure and corporate businesses. He is responsible for financial analysis, forecasting, controls, and protection of company assets. His Melon magic power is to drive efficiencies within all finance platforms and implement innovative reporting and modelling to support our Corporate strategies.

Andrew White

Director of customer success
Andy White is our head of customer success. He's been with the business for over 15 years and has experience working in both Australia and Canada. He leads our customer success team from coast to coast and his Melon magic power is his ability to run from one customer meeting to another, sometimes across town (literally, he runs about 2000kms a year!).

Joel Katzberg

head of onboarding & implementations
18 years with the Flight Centre Travel Group, Joel has worked in both the US and Canadian business. He is responsible for providing a successful client-facing launch of Melon to ensure each account is set up for success through personalization, customization and by creating a tailored travel program that will support a clients’ goals and unique culture. His Melon magic power is juggling four kids, a robust travel schedule and what he's going to eat for dessert every night.
Jock Stark

Jock Stark

Jock has been with the Flight Centre Travel Group for 17 years with roles in leisure, the IT Helpdesk, and now Corporate Technology. He is responsible for the successful delivery of technology products and services to Corporate Traveller. His Melon magic power is his knowledge of the corporate business and how it relates to the people servicing customers every single day.
Carre Le Page

Carre Le Page

VP Marketing
Carre has been with Flight Centre Travel Group for 15 years and has worked in the Australian, US and now Canadian markets. He leads the marketing strategy for our Canadian business and his Melon magic power is his insane focus on the customer experience to ensure every interaction is seamless and frictionless.
Mpuuga headshot

Mpuuga Rwabutara

Diversity Ambassador for Flight Centre Travel Group, The Americas
Mpuuga has been with Flight Centre for 13 years. In his role, he identifies, implements and champions diversity initiatives by evaluating the levels of minority representation within branding and corporate hierarchies and partner entities. Mpuuga is adaptable and have a passion for making a meaningful impact, developing strategies, identifying opportunities and cultivating relationships cross-functionally.
john morhous

John Morhous

Chief Experience Officer, Corporate Americas
John is responsible for ongoing client-facing innovation and digital mobile platforms, and the development of additional tools, technology and thought leadership across all of FCTG’s corporate brands globally. Morhous has been with Flight Centre Travel Group for 13 years.