A people-first approach to travel management 

For a business like Beyond Energy, it’s all about relationships. As an industry leader in Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) products and services, having an experienced team that you can lean on to get the job done, quickly, efficiently, and accurately has no substitute. It’s what they offer their customers, and something they valued internally with their own team. 

Up until 2017, Beyond Energy had been managing their own business travel in-house. But, as the business grew, and more locations in remote areas were in scope, the logistics of moving teams got trickier. The process was feeling inefficient, something that couldn’t be sustained. 

Then, in 2017, an employee at Beyond Energy suggested they bring Corporate Traveller on to help with their corporate travel program. The team member had worked with us before and knew the value we could deliver to take their travel to the next level. 

The nature of our business has our employees working in very remote locations, and the logistics of trying to coordinate is complex. There are a lot of intricacies to reaching an international destination such as transiting the borders, making sure the airlines are set up, and if there is a long layover you may need a hotel. Working with Corporate Traveller has removed the complexities for Beyond by CT owning the logistics part of coordinating that for us.


- Eric Legge, President & CEO @ Beyond Energy 

Navigating business travel logistics with a dedicated travel consultant 

After a deep dive of Beyond Energy’s previous travel program, and the processes around managing travel approvals and reporting, we worked together on finding areas to streamline and kick off a successful partnership. 

We removed the complexities of navigating business travel logistics to remote locations, border transits, stopovers, and regional airlines, and helped clarify documentation, ground transportation, layovers, hotels, and much more. The experience is tailored to the traveller, and their dedicated travel consultant, Kate, never misses. 

“Kate has been incredible. Personally, for me when I’m travelling, I know that she’s there and that she’s going to be making sure that I’ve got the right flight, the layover time that I need, the hotel I like, and the rental car suited for my destination. She has never missed, never let me down, and I hear the same from other people that work here at Beyond Energy, as well.” Eric Legge, President & CEO @ Beyond Energy 

Optimizing their travel program with a customer success manager 

The introduction of Customer Success Manager, Lili took an already successful partnership to a whole new level. Prior to this, the relationship had been more transactional, at times. With the addition of a CSM, they’ve been able to gain insight into how Corporate Traveller operates, how we’re structured, who is who, and how things move. 

Not only that, Beyond Energy has gained a whole new insight into how they are travelling through customized quarterly reviews and reports. This enables them to understand further how they can make optimizations, what is working, and what needs to change. 

The addition of the Customer Success Manager has been an incredible addition to the CT process. Since Lili has been introduced, I have transparency into Corporate Traveller and a better understand of how the business works and is structured. The CSM has helped me understand how my business is travelling. We have taken the monthly reports that Lili generates and we do quarterly reviews, which has improved how we travel. I think it was a brilliant move for Corporate Traveller to introduce that role.

– Eric Legge, President & CEO @ Beyond Energy 

The result – Great service, better processes, big savings. 

Today, Beyond Energy’s travel program operates at peak performance. The great service they’ve received from our incredible team, and the tools they’ve adopted, like our travel platform Melon, which streamlines their booking, approvals, and reporting processes, all result in big savings and value across the board. In just 2022, we’ve reported nearly $18k in savings and value adds for Beyond Energy. 

Overall, it’s the people who make all the difference. There really is no substitute for having that one point of contact, that person that always has your back. The peace of mind that wherever you are in the world, you have the support you need for any situation that may arise. 

When asked what he loves most about Corporate Traveller, Eric Legge, President & CEO at Beyond Energy replied, “The people.” And we couldn’t agree more. People-first, that’s where it’s at.