So, how do you prove that business travel is a cost worth investing in?

If your company is spending the time, energy and hard-fought dollars sending team members around the globe, you need to know what you’re getting in return.  

With all the work that goes into travel, it takes a lot of resources, and it certainly isn’t cheap. That’s why you need to make sure that every single dollar invested in your travel program flies as far as possible. That means you are squeezing more out of travel programs, accessing better fares and rates, and you’re never wasting an unused ticket.  

Whether you’re currently booking travel on your own, or using a provider that hasn’t met the mark, don’t risk another wasted dollar. Work with a travel management company that is proactive in their approach to managing your budget. A company like Corporate Traveller will look for ways to stretch your budget and get the most value out of your travel program.  

We’re a partner who is always cheering for your success, who always wants to see you win.  

Smarter savings lead to better business travel 

When organizations focus on smart savings, they see better results across the board – hard savings, improved efficiency, increased productivity, and less wastage (not to mention decreased stress!) 

  • We’re committed to delivering savings and we’ll prove it to you within 3 months. We provide proactive analysis, strong supplier relationships that allow us to pass on savings, and user-friendly reporting. 
  • Savings you can enjoy! Who doesn’t appreciate a great deal? We’ll show you how to keep costs down without pinching pennies. That means your travellers can still enjoy their travel experience without it breaking the bank. 
  • We always find a way to deliver the very best in service without neglecting value. Every business has different needs, but we also know that everyone loves a freebie or an added perk. What does value mean to you? We’ll take the time to find out and focus on that.  
  • Your business travel is too important to be affected by travel hiccups like a middle seat or a hotel across town. We’re committed to seeing your business succeed, and we do that by getting your travel right, every time. 

Wondering how you can weatherproof your travel budget?

value and savings whitepaper

We’ve put together the Corporate Travel Trends for 2023 report to help you. With this report, you’ll find:

  • The impact of COVID-19 on business travel and what recovery looks like for 2023/2024
  • The top 10 influences expected to impact travel moving forward
  • How to reduce wastage in your travel program
  • Five action items to drive savings this year
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Here’s what some of our clients have to say

We really appreciate the support that Corporate Traveller gives us, let alone the savings it’s provided. Modern Niagara was a team that never used a travel management company in the past but now we see the value of having your team behind us!”

Elizabeth Levi, Executive Service Manager @ Modern Niagara

The partnership with Corporate Traveller has delivered positive results from the outset, and the company continues to flex and adapt to meet the changing needs of our business, in the context of the wider economic environment. The data and information provided by Corporate Traveller is useful and timely, while recommendations for process improvement and cost savings are delivered frequently and in a proactive manner. The engagement and willingness of the team to help and drive change have continued to surpass my expectations.

Tasmin Host, Controller @ Trans Mountain

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