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Corporate Traveller makes it count: How we manage travel program

Have you ever left a meeting wondering what the point was? We’ve all been there. It’s frustrating when your time feels wasted, but generally, there’s not a bunch of money wasted in the process.

Now imagine this – you send a team member out on a business trip. The trip's goal is pretty clear; they know why they are going and what their expectations are when they return. But somewhere along the way, they got booked on a flight with too many connections, the hotel wasn’t in a convenient location, they didn’t have access to business services, they weren’t told about changes in the itinerary, and they’ve arrived at their big meeting exhausted, frustrated, and not at the top of their game.

The result of that trip can feel equally as frustrating as a meeting that could have been an email. Except, there’s a financial impact that makes you wonder if the business travel was worth it.

What if we told you that there’s a better way?

We can help you make every trip count. Make it count for your people, make it count for the big wins, make it count for the planet, make it count for every moment in between each trip.

When you work with Corporate Traveller, you don’t just get a bit of help booking your travel, you get the #ultimate team behind you to make your business travel impactful, purposeful, and successful.


Wondering what that looks like? Here’s the rundown:

  • Dedicated Travel Consultant to take care of the details surrounding your travel. Whether you prefer for them to be totally hands-on or just there to help with the complicated stuff, they’re your new dependable bestie.
  • Customer Success Manager who works with you throughout your whole Corporate Traveller journey to ensure your program is running smoothly. They’ll help you find the potential efficiencies that you need right here, right now. They can also help you nail down things like your travel policy, approvals, and changes to your business travel program. They’re like the supportive friend you call when you need A-plus advice or guidance.
  • After Hours Team will answer your cry for “Help!” when plans go awry, or you need something last-minute that can’t be handled during business hours. They’re part of our 24/7 emergency support promise.
  •  Melon is the travel tech of your dreams. It’s not just an online booking tool, it’s an all-in-one tool that lets you manage traveller profiles, update preferences, track your travellers, view your policy, handle approvals, get the visibility you need from more than 700 types of reports (with an easy search function), and SO much more. Plus, Melon is built to be user-friendly, so even the least tech-savvy people on your team will find it a breeze.

With all these people and tools behind you, from the only travel management company that works exclusively with SME businesses, you can rest easier knowing that everything is in good hands and your internal resources don’t have to be stretched so thin. Time back. Money saved. Stress relieved.


Nothing beats face-to-face

It’s true, it’s tough to put a value on a handshake, elbow-bump, or even a smile. The energy exchange when you meet people in-person is real and it’s meaningful. There will always be a place for virtual meetings, but for the meetings that really matter when you really need to get things done, in-person matters more.

When you work with us, we help you make the most of every single trip with better pricing, faster service, real people to support you, and proactive solutions and advice that help you win.

We really do believe that travel programs designed to help your business and your people win are the ones that make the most impact. Your culture and people thrive, and everyone is inspired to perform.

Ready to make it count? Let’s chat.

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