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Service, safety, and support – The 3 priorities of construction industry travel


In the construction industry, you have a lot on your plate. Aside from addressing the travel needs of your team members, it can be frustrating to hear that your team is unhappy with their booking experience or the service they’ve received from a travel management company (TMC). With travel as complex as yours, you need a team who understands the unique needs of your business and your travellers.

That’s where we come in.

Travel management where service, safety, and comfort are priority

The comfort and safety of your travellers is paramount, especially if they are travelling for an extended period of time. The last thing they need when they’re spending time away from home is bad service, uncomfortable flight experiences, and hotels that don’t meet the mark. Our team prioritizes customer service and communication to ensure help is always available for any concerns or hiccups while travelling.

How do we do it?

With our around-the-clock real human emergency support, expert industry knowledge, and commitment to delivering the best possible experience to our clients.

We know construction industry travel inside and out

We’re all up in your business (in a good way!). We know your pain points, projects needs, and need for absolute visibility of your travel program. We make sure you’re presented with the best routes, comfortable accommodations, and safety information that meet your company’s needs, and importantly, your travellers. We help you keep to budget and give you 20/20 visibility into your travel program so you can easily track every dollar.

Our travel experts take the time to get to know the ins and outs of your travel program and your industry. So whether you need travel for a whole crew or are trying to figure out the logistics of moving equipment, we can take it off your hands.

We know how to manage remote construction workforce needs

Give ‘em that home away from home type of feeling. Comfort is key and your long-term travellers need the right type of accommodation to make them feel at home when they’re away from home. They need comfortable and safe accommodations to recharge their batteries after a long, hard day of work at the job site. We can help you figure out the right level of accommodation that meets your team members’ needs and your budget.

Each member of your team deserves to feel taken care of and prioritized, and your dedicated travel consultant will go above and beyond to give them that experience.

There are plenty of things to keep on top of with travel for the construction industry. At Corporate Traveller, we have spent decades getting to know the ever-changing climate of business travel, various industry requirements and logistics, and we hire the best-of-the-best to take the very best care of you and your team.

We want your travellers to arrive feeling zero-stress, know they have a comfortable place to rest their heads while their gone, and to look forward to the smooth ride home.

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