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Flexibility, Choice, and Savings (that you can actually see)


Travel for the Mining Industry? We’ve seen it all.  


When it comes to partnering with a travel management company, you need to know what value is on offer, and the hard value that will actually be delivered.

We’re no strangers to mining industry travel. Our more than 250 mining clients (just in Canada) operate with a high-turnover, rotational crew, with specific needs for various projects. We make it our business to know everything about managing cancellations, transferring airline credits, and minimizing last-minute change fees, because, with the wrong travel partner, those losses can add up.  

We dig deep when it comes to savings for our customers 

Frankly, ‘Do-It-Yourself' travel is too risky, while working with the wrong travel partner means dollars could be lost. The beauty of Corporate Traveller is that we are an SME-dedicated company with the global buying power of a large agency, which means flexibility and choice for you. Because of our global recognition, we have excellent partnerships with airlines, hotel chains, transportation companies, and more. These time-tested relationships have earned us the ability to make the near impossible possible. We’ve negotiated the best hotel rates with many of your favourite hotel chains, flexible airline rates, and our expert travel consultants all but perform literal magic when it comes to taking care of your mining travel needs.  

When you’re ready to work with us, we work closely with you to determine how you’ll get the most value out of our service. Together we’ll look at our fee structure in line with your travel program requirements and determine the best way forward. Your trust in us is of the utmost importance, and we always aim to exceed expectations. Have questions? Let’s Chat! 

Clear skies ahead means more value 

Visibility is key. When it comes to your travel program and understanding the value behind our service, we offer a quarterly value-add report, with additional analysis. That means we break down: 

  • When we’ve cashed in on a waiver or favour from a supplier 
  • When we’ve used an airline credit and the balance of your credits  
  • When we’ve been able to refund a non-refundable ticket 

Hard numbers. Real savings. That’s more than a sales pitch... that’s a commitment. 

Learn more out more about choice and savings. 

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Want to hear what our other mining partners have to say? 

“One of the things we most appreciate in our business partnership is the consistency we get with the team at Corporate Traveller. You just can’t replace that relationship. I commend you for being able to maintain the personal touch and relationships regardless of how large you are as an organization.”

Victoria Viveash, Chief Financial Officer @ JDS Mining
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“Katherine and her team at Corporate Traveller are the best. They have provided prompt and amazing service to our Geotech Group Companies.”


Christina Yan Gao, Finance @Geotech

“Everything is going well and smooth.  Our lives have been made easier and we have a solid plan in place for travel.”


Darin Kennedy, HR Manager @ Skeena Resources
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