A need for centralization and a single point of contact

Benevity, one of Western Canada’s largest startups, and one of Canada’s first B Corps, is a leader in corporate purpose software. Their solutions help their customers drive their purpose, engage their teams, impact their communities, and create stronger brand loyalty.

Prior to 2016, Benevity had managed all of their travel arrangements in-house. This meant a lot of legwork, particularly when it came to complex or time-sensitive trips. They were spending too much time trying to contact airlines and suppliers, and needed a more centralized solution to simplify processes. Not only that, the need for a reliable point of contact to work with complicated itineraries and pressing timelines was becoming apparent.

Service excellence, ease of booking, ultimate flexibility

Enter Corporate Traveller. From the get-go, the Benevity team noticed a dramatic reduction in the time they spent chasing down information. The expertise and commitment of the Corporate Traveller team quickly became an invaluable resource, and their dedicated travel consultant provided a service level they needed to streamline business travel.

Their annual grand gatherings were a significant logistical challenge. And was one the Corporate Traveller team tackled without fail. Over the coming years, the level of service and dedication has remained unwavering. Corporate Traveller continues to exceed expectations, demonstrating a steadfast commitment to excellence.

We have two major annual events that involve folks all gathering in one place, and we count on the CT Team to support hundreds of travellers for these events. They are never too busy to ensure all the small details are covered. The service level is excellent!


– Kate Niven, Places Coordinator @ Benevity Inc.

Working with Corporate Traveller provides the flexibility a company like Benevity needs. With the introduction of Melon, travellers are now able to self-book and choose from options that meet their preferences, and for complicated travel, their dedicated travel consultant is on hand to assist. The goal was to simplify travel and make it easily accessible for their globetrotting team members, and Melon delivers just that.

While the ease of booking is paramount, the ability to effortlessly organize reporting, and introduce a program to support their sustainability goals, was a game changer. Through Corporate Traveller’s partnership with Trees4Travel, Benevity now has a tangible, trackable solution and can see their impact in real-time.

The excellent support and service often make us feel like your only client!  We feel well taken care of. The assistance is always there when we need it, and we can count on having the tools available when we need it to serve our teams best internally.


– Kate Niven, Places Coordinator @ Benevity Inc.

Online or offline – seamless travel solutions for Benevity

Benevity's adoption rates speak volumes. With 56% of bookings happening offline and 44% online, their multinational nature necessitates flexibility. Outside of North America, team members have the autonomy to book their own travel. Even senior leadership appreciates the control afforded by booking on their own terms.

The Benevity-Corporate Traveller partnership is a testament to the power of collaboration in navigating the complex terrain of business travel. Benevity's journey exemplifies how a strategic approach, coupled with a dedicated partner, can transform a once laborious process into a seamless and efficient endeavour. With a keen eye for detail and an unwavering commitment to service and support, Corporate Traveller continues to support the needs of Benevity’s travel program, no matter how it grows.