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Maximize your travel budget with a Cost Savings Analysis


How to maximize your budget for business travel 

As you start to prepare for a return to travel, controlling costs will be front of mind. It’s important that for every dollar you spend on travel, you’re getting the most value for it. 

Analyze how you can save money on business travel  

For every dollar you’re spending on travel, you want to get the most value for it. Whether you book your own travel or use a TMC (travel management company), you should know where your money’s going and where you can reduce costs. It’s not just about the cheapest flights; there’s a whole science behind getting the most value out of business travel.  

We’ve created a simple assessment that highlights where you can save dollars and get more value. Factors like:  

  • Travel policy - are you confident you have all your bases covered in a COVID and post-COVID world? 
  • Program alignment – are all your colleagues following the policy or are there too many doing their own thing?   
  • Supplier management - are you getting the best possible deal from your frequently used airlines and hotels? 
  • Employee benefits - are you rewarding your employees in the right way?  

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cost savings analysis

Money-saving examples  

Air: Discounts with airline partners, applying loyalty programs, best practise purchasing and expertise from our team. 

Hotel: Preferred hotel programs, exclusive value-adds through our hotel partners and employee satisfaction with more perks included. 

Car: Reduced rates, upgrades and discounted insurance.  

Itineraries: Understanding every step of your traveler's itinerary provides insight for additional savings.  

Time: Online bookings in 5 minutes flat through Melon. Or give us a call and a member of our team will do it all for you.  

Employee benefits: Save them time with easier processes and tech, or provide exclusive vacation discounts for long-term retention.  

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