Saving time or money on business travel? Choose both! | Corporate Traveller

Saving time or money on business travel? Choose both!


Have you got the best price for your work trip? It’s hard to know. When you’re a small or medium company, you can’t be overpaying for corporate travel rates. You need to know exactly what you’re spending on business trips, where to get the best travel deals, and how to stay under budget.

Partner with an expert who will not only keep your budget on track but will find business travel savings along the way too.

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Working with Corporate Traveller means big savings for hundreds of small businesses:

Stick to your travel budget 

View all Travel spend | Corporate Traveller

View all travel spend

By booking through one provider, everyone sticks to policy and you’ll see all your travel expenses in one place.
All of the options

Analyse your travel patterns

Reporting and data dashboards display what you’re spending on air travel, hotels, rental cars and more.
Your deal maker

One telephone number

1 number to call when you’re struggling, from making changes to complex requests.
Avoid costly changes | Corporate Traveller

Avoid costly changes

Flight and hotel deals packaged especially for SMEs = more flexible terms and conditions.

An airline wanted to charge thousands of pounds to move a flight from Monday to a Sunday night. Corporate Traveller were able to get the airline to agree to a cancellation charge of £300, saving £5,700.

                                                                                                                                                              President @ Investment bank

Endless choice, more savings

Is using a travel company really cheaper (and quicker) than using the internet?

Crunch your own numbers – use Corporate Traveller’s Savings Calculator to get an instant number on the financial and time savings you’re missing out on.  All you’ll need to hand is these averages for your business:

  • International economy flights you book a week
  • International business/premium flights you book a week
  • Corporate hotel nights you book a week
  • Car transfers/Ubers/private cars a week 

Find out how much you could save

Time-saving hacks

Shopping around for the best travel options is a waste of time, when you can have it all in one place. At Corporate Traveller, Melon and our expert consultants save everyone’s time with: 

  • Less searching, more tailored travel options: Our smart algorithms direct you to what’s best to book for your company budget.  
  • Fewer repetitive tasks: Thanks to clever workflows and tasks you can complete in your own time.
  • 1 number to call when you’re struggling: 24/7 travel support to make changes and help with complex requests.
  • Avoiding common mistakes: ‘Heads Up’ messages pop up before you’ve made costly clicks. 


AGR Energy Specialists

Case study: When savings = fast tracked projects

Advance Global Recruitment (AGR) has been working with Corporate Traveller for more than a decade. Early in our partnership, our team worked with Loganair to secure marine fares that were unique at the time. That move, together with other airline negotiations, was still saving AGR more than £25,000 in 2022.

For every £1 spent in fees, AGR sees £6.50 in return on investment. These savings have freed up the money to fast track the launch of AGR Training Academy (AGRT), proving that analysing booking behaviour can have a positive impact! 

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