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As a global recruitment company, AGR secures roles and crew in the oil and gas industry. It’s an industry with lots of time and safety regulations; highly-skilled crew can only be on site for certain time periods, then they must be replaced. It costs millions of pounds if vessels, rigs and drills aren’t running efficiently.  

What does that mean for travel? Quick turnaround for travel plans; 85% of flights are booked with just a weeks’ notice. Unique destinations for multiple travellers at a time, often different nationalities.  

“Managing travel for this sector is challenging in normal circumstances. The expectations to deliver are extremely high and the service level agreements have a higher expectation than what other companies expect,” said Lyndsey Gilmour, Senior Manager for Scotland at Corporate Traveller. 

Listen to the video to hear Danielle Wood, Global Compliance Director at AGR explain why travel is important for AGR and what it means to have expert travel support. 

Stellar specialist travel support

Quick turnaround, unique destinations, different nationalities. It takes miracle workers to align that, right? But our Scotland team do it, with a strategy that’s evolved over time. This has included: 

  • A dedicated team: With a team that specialises specifically in recruitment in the energy sector, our consultants and account managers can get into the nitty gritty of the sector’s exact business travel requirements.  
  • Creative travel planning: No matter what the request, the team know how to get people where they need to be, on time. Even if there’s challenges along the way.  
  • Adapting in unprecedented times: Since travel didn’t slow down during the COVID pandemic, Lyndsey and the team supported AGR by: 
    • Keeping an eye on ever-changing rules and flight reductions in top destinations.  
    • Arranging different plans or instructions when airports were closed or flights cancelled.  
    • Maintaining SLAs with fewer staff, despite simple tasks taking longer than usual.  

Watch the video to hear Lyndsey Gilmour, expert travel consultant talk about the various challenges the team faces day-to-day.  

…blended with powerful technology

While some trips just need to be talked through on the phone, others are just a few clicks away from being booked! AGR uses our booking platform software Melon for quick bookings, and the team for the more complex requests. With bookings all coming through one travel management company, AGR can also use Melon’s traveller tracking technology to know exactly where their travellers are. Customer Success Manager Gary Ward explains why this blend is perfect for AGR in this video.

When saved money = fast tracked projects

As well as operational superstars, AGR has benefitted from a wider travel programme strategy and support with their Customer Success Manager Gary Ward. Through strategic quarterly reviews with Gary, the AGR team can carefully implement and track cost saving exercises and ROI.

Unique at the time, Corporate Traveller worked with airline Loganair to secure marine fares for AGR. This move, together with other airline negotiations and partnerships, allowed us to offer savings of £25,000 in 2022.

While the amount of money spent on travel has increased, AGR has seen £6.50 returned to every £1 spent in fees over the last 12 months.

When money is saved in one area of the business, it means it can be utilised elsewhere. AGR’s travel savings have meant the AGR Training (AGRT) project has been fast tracked, enabling the company to provide training and accreditation to newcomers in the oil and gas industry. Additionally, we collaborate with AGR to exhibit at key marine exhibitions and events to showcase each other’s products and services.  

Watch this final video of Gary to hear just how great our relationship is, even down to his access with AGR’s CEO and COO.

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