Shape your travel programme.

Work with our expert Customer Success Managers to create a more economical travel policy for your business. And with the Melon platform, you can easily identify lower carbon travel options that align with your goals.

Calculate your CO2 impact.

Melon helps calculate the end-to-end carbon impact of your journey in real time. Pinpoint where emissions could be reduced by filtering for travel options with a smaller footprint. Get more visibility and control with Melon.

Offset your emissions.

Work with your Customer Success Manager to connect your business travel to global tree planting sites through our partnership with Trees4Travel. Plant trees to offset and compensate the impact of your business travel.

Track your impact.

Access personalised CO2 emissions reports that measure the impact of your business travels in real time. Our reporting dashboard helps you make informed choices with on-demand tracking, no matter your mode of transport.
Sustainable business travel report

Impactful reporting for empowered choices

CO2 emissions reporting to empower decision-making. Track and surpass your ESG goals with clear data to take your programme's sustainability standards to the next level.

Technology to track your impact 

Streamline business travel sustainability with Melon


Streamlining sustainability with Melon

Our global digital platform, Melon, helps you oversee your travel programme, and streamline your sustainability goals. Access, manage, and adjust your travel arrangements in real-time, from anywhere. Melon makes it easy with:  

  • Carbon emissions badging 
  • CO2 reporting and trip carbon calculations 
Reduce your CO2 impact with Melon


Reduce your CO2 impact 

Understanding and managing your CO2 emissions is key to moving forward in your sustainable travel agenda. Our experts and Melon help to accurately assess, measure, and monitor the carbon footprint of your business travel. Look forward to:  

  • Clarity and insights to reduce your impact 
  • Making each business trip a step closer to sustainability 
Make green business travel decisions using data


Empower greener decisions with data

Make informed, eco-conscious business travel decisions with our analytics and reporting. Melon and Trees4Travel offer detailed insights, allowing you to optimise your travel programme for both efficiency and sustainability. Armed with this data, you can:  

  • Easily identify opportunities for greener travel options 
  • Reduce unnecessary trips, and enhance travel efficiency 

Sustainability and Corporate Traveller 

Corporate Traveller’s parent company Flight Centre Travel Group (FCTG) is dedicated to safeguarding travel destinations. FCTG is firmly committed to sustainable practices that positively impact our employees, partners, customers, and the planet. 

“FCTG is committed to leveraging its platforms, people, and partnerships to facilitate informed choices, helping customers reduce their impact and ensuring every action benefits its people, destinations and communities.” 

– Michelle Degenhardt, Global Sustainability Officer @ FCTG 


Make your business travel people and planet positive.

Want to reach your companies sustainability goals with more than just offsets? We partnered with Trees4Travel to empower our customers to take their sustainability plans further. Your contributions will grow trees and forests, support local communities, and improve biodiversity. 

It starts by easily calculating the CO2 emissions from your business travel monthly. From there, trees are planted to match the carbon cost of your trips. You’ll receive regular reports to keep track of your team’s progress.

It’s simple, affordable, and impactful.





Journey to a more sustainable travel policy 

Pelsis Group, a global pest management firm, was looking to minimise its environmental footprint, reduce travel and offset carbon emissions to support its sustainability and UN Sustainable Development Goals. 


Journey to a more sustainable travel policy 

Corporate Traveller joined forces with Pelsis, creating a personalised program with Trees4Travel to calculate travel emissions and plant trees, integrating sustainability into every trip.


Journey to a more sustainable travel policy 

Using the Trees4Travel dashboard, Pelsis can now easily track their environmental impact in real-time. Now, their business travel contributes positively to restoring ecosystems and supporting global communities. 


Journey to a more sustainable travel policy 

This collaboration enables Pelsis to make big strides towards their sustainability goals, enhancing biodiversity, and achieving their top 5 UN Sustainable Development Goals, with ongoing support from Corporate Traveller. 



It's time for better business travel management.


With the perfect balance of modern travel technology and dedicated experts, you really can have the best of both worlds.

  • Dedicated travel consultant
  • Intuitive all-in-one travel platform
  • Search, book, and report in minutes
  • 24/7 emergency support & live chat
  • Traveller tracking & duty of care dashboard
  • Melon Exclusive Deals, negotiated rates, and more!


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