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Can outsourcing travel bookings save money?


It sounds counter intuitive, right? To pay a company of travel experts to book your business travel trips, rather than have your office manager or PA book instead.

That’s what one client asked us during the early phases of our partnership. So we put it to the test, using some of the client’s pains as a starting point, and auditing where they could be more efficient.

Can booking through a travel management company save money? Let’s see. 


For this particular client, booking for 1 year with Corporate Traveller would result in:

Everything you need to know

Problem: Lots of admin for internal team

Solution: Let a travel expert do it!

Savings opportunities: 

  • £300k financial savings – equivalent to 8.5 full time staff members!
  • Your existing staff will get time back in their day to focus on other tasks.
  • Less stress for everyone.
Outdated, manual processes | Corporate Traveller

Problem: Outdated, manual processes

Solution: Self-service portal for travel requests, automated invoice entry with coding, automated approval email trigger to request travel approval

Savings opportunities: 

  • Time saved for everyone, from your finance team to the travellers themselves, and approvers.
  • Fewer financial mistakes for invoices being missed or trips not approved in time.
Location icon

Problem: Inconsistency in process across regions

Solution: New, consistent process in all regions, including one company-approved travel management company.

Savings opportunities: 

  • One process to adhere to and communicate = quicker understanding and time freed up.
  • With everyone booking with one company, view all company travel spend and budget in one place.
Missed information from invoices

Problem: Missed information from invoices

Solution: Configure online tool to set up mandatory fields before trips are booked.

Savings opportunities: 

  • If bookings are all made through the same channel consistently, the team can quickly see travel spend per reason code.

Saving time and money on business travel? Choose both!

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