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The 5 pillars of travel risk management software 

The world is full of uncertainties. Your traveler’s safety shouldn’t be one of them. 

A travel risk management software doesn't just arm your travelers with information – it’s a safeguard against the unknown. No really. That’s what it’s designed to do. 

The safer your employees feel on the road, the more relaxed and productive they’ll be. Say hello to improved staff retention and streamlined travel experiences.  

Still not convinced? Here’s how it’s possible. 

1. Duty of care means staying aware 

Your business has a commitment to duty of care. And to keep your travellers safe, they need to feel safe. 

A reliable travel risk management platform will give your travellers (and you) peace of mind on the road. At best, having that technology might save your employees from getting stranded at the airport after a cancelled flight. At worst, it'll save your travellers from getting stranded in an unsafe destination. Here’s how: 

Risk assessments 

The best way to ensure your traveller’s safety and security? Preparation. The best way to prep your travellers for their trip (especially to new or international destinations)? Pre-travel risk ratings.  

Travel software helps you access to information about a particular destination, any security alerts or country risk ratings to help you assess risk more effectively. This information helps you to provide necessary travel assistance or block high-risk trips altogether. 

On-demand reporting 

Stay up-to-date on any safety risks that pop up along the journey. Real-time safety reports fill you in on everything that could affect your travellers, from natural disasters to sociopolitical unrest. Our corporate travel platform, Melon  even has a COVID-19 dashboard with risk maps, flash alerts, security, health safety ratings, and more. Managing risk has never been easier. 

2. Compliance keeps people safe 

You worked hard to write a corporate travel policy that gets the most out of your budget while keeping your people safe. But when travelling employees make non-compliant booking decisions, it puts both of those goals at risk. 

Good news. A travel risk management system keeps your travellers on track so you can have their back. 

Remember those reporting capabilities we talked about earlier? What if we told you that you can easily spot out-of-policy bookings and risky destinations with custom, on-demand reporting, giving you the knowledge you need to tighten up traveller compliance. 

The benefits? You fulfill duty of care, save money on leakage, and identify future cost-saving opportunities. 

3. Track them to back them 

Ever wished you had a personal tracker while exploring uncharted territories? A travel risk management dashboard offers the next best thing. 

With efficient traveller tracking technology, this software keeps tabs on your employees whereabouts in real-time, so you always know where they are. 

And if a crisis arises? Help is just a click away. From medical emergencies to natural disasters and civil unrest, travelling tracking enables you to promptly pinpoint and assist any affected travellers. In situations where every minute matters, this travel security will aid in providing timely medical attention, evacuation, or other necessary support. Now that’s a tool you can count on. 

4. Safety on the go 

Despite our best efforts, we can’t account for everything. Things change, plans evolve – but that doesn’t mean your risk management programme has to be left blindsided. 

Imagine receiving instant notifications about potential risks or incidents that could affect your corporate travel plans. With a real-time alert system, travel managers can keep your travellers informed about any hiccups on their journey, enabling your team towards swift responses and effective crisis management. 

Your travellers need up-to-date information from anywhere, any time, and on any device. Give them reliable updates and easy support from a risk management mobile app. 

Whether it's a sudden flight delay or a local protest that might disrupt your plans, your travellers will be in the know. 

5. Chat with just one tap 

Jetlag and unexpected travel snags don't stick to a 9-to-5 schedule. That's why you need round-the-clock support. 

If things don’t go to plan, your travellers need to know where to turn. Give them a way to access support when and where they need it. 

A reliable travel platform like Melon offers chat-based support that's available 24/7. That’s anytime, anywhere, any device support available by chat, email, or phone. Your travellers will be relieved to know there’s someone on hand to help them through high-stress, inconvenient situations. 

Flight delayed? Car hire has a flat? Plans just, well, not going to plan? Help is just a message away. 

Let’s talk corporate travel safety 

The world of travel has changed. So has traveller safety. Give yourself the tools to help keep your travellers safe anywhere, anytime, including messaging capabilities and traveller tracking. With Melon (and a dedicated travel expert) on your side, keeping travellers safe and happy has never been easier. 

Cut the risky business. Melon has you safety sorted. 

Ready to see it in action? Book a demo with one of our experts to see how Melon takes your duty of care to the next level. 


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