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Suttons Transport Group is in the business of global logistics. Tanker and transport services and support, headquartered in north west UK with teams in the USA, Asia and Europe.

Suttons’ travellers booked their trips through a consultant in our Liverpool office, regularly travelling within the UK, Europe and further afield. Travellers had to submit a purchase order to request a business travel trip; not the smoothest of processes.


New policy calls for tender

It’s January 2019 and Suttons is looking to transform travel. To move away with the purchase orders but give travellers greater responsibility to seek approval and book their own trips. We had implemented an online booking tool, Concur, a few years before but it wasn’t being used very often. Bookers simply weren’t well informed or trained on how to use it. With the business growing, Suttons also needed a travel provider who could handle bookings from all over the world. They went to RFP, looking for the right TMC.


Online = winning

As you’ve probably guessed, we retained Suttons’ business. A key factor was our commitment to getting more bookers and travellers using Concur. We got everyone trained up, and our Liverpool consultant pointed bookers to the tool if it was a flight, rail ticket or hotel that could be booked online.

And that global requirement? We could take that on too – teaming up with Corporate Traveller in the USA and our sister business travel division FCM Travel in Singapore and China.

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