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Icon’s crews aren’t just travelling often, they’re also travelling with 10 – 23 large pieces of equipment. The cost of that excess baggage adds up, but it’s something the Corporate Traveller team is on top of – choosing the best airlines and pre-booking where possible to save money.

When filming River Monsters, our team went a step further. Due to so much specialist equipment being taken, the team negotiated prices and weight conditions with Air China for both international and internal flights. Our team ensued that weight restrictions were confirmed and that battery regulations were complied with.

When they’re on the ground in another country there’s often fixers there to help with transport. But occasionally our team help with car hire.

If a shoot wraps up early or flights are cancelled, the crews call the our-of-hours team to get home sooner.

Corporate Traveller Stage, Screen and Sports really help to take the sting out of complex travel planning and logistics. It’s the peace of mind knowing that they help to get the best deals for us and are there to assist 24-hours a day if flights are cancelled or need to be changed. Always a friendly voice on the other end of the phone!

Sara Hill, Production Co-ordinator @ Icon Films

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