Did someone say perks?

Whether it’s getting you to that next level of loyalty status, getting you a late checkout or securing the aisle seat every time, we bring the perks to travel.
Safety on the go

Anytime, anywhere

Whether you like booking by app, desktop, email or on the phone, we can accommodate with Melon. Looking for help? Any of those work too 24/7.

Easy as 1-2-3

Just click. tap. you’re booked in 5 mins or less with Melon. We have all the rates you see on the web and some extras just for you. Who knows, maybe that premium seat will be in policy, thanks to our exclusive deals.

Tech that works like magic

Anywhere you are, anytime, any device. Make bookings and big changes in minutes with Melon.

The magic doesn’t stop there. Melon will get to know your travel preferences and apply them to every step of the journey. From booking to check-in, our tech leads the way.

Have a burning question? We got you! Tap to talk to our travel consultants, at any hour, and access a treasure-trove of expert travel info.

Did we mention how smart Melon is? We get to know you better and better after each booking so every experience is the best one yet.

Meet Melon

You want it? We got it.

From your plane seat to your perfect hotel room, we’re here to grant your travel wishes.  We’ll find out exactly how you like to travel and make it happen. Every flight, booking, and inclusion, picked just for you.

What’s more? We make booking a breeze in 5 minutes or less. Ready to book?

Things you’ll love

When you book with us, the sky’s the limit on the great savings we can deliver. Make the most of our experience with competitive airfares, hotels, car rentals and more.

Let’s travel

Heading off on your next business trip? We have the down-low on what to do, where to stay, and how to travel. Check out our corporate travel guides for endless inspiration.

Looking for local updates and all the insider details? Our well-travelled experts are waiting for your call.

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