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When there’s last-minute plans and changes to be made, we know the support and team you need, available 24/7. We’ve been easing travel plans for technology firms for 20+ years, so we know what it’s like to get those changes made, pronto.

As travel is a key component of your business’s success, we’ll help you make sure everyone gets where they need to go, from multiple regions for global projects. VIPs, visa support, personalised requirements for hotels, car hire and trains? We’ve got it all covered. All with comprehensive data, analysis and recommendations per individual, project or by trip.  

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Things you'll love

Full peace of mind. If something goes wrong or there’s a last-minute change out of usual business hours, travellers can get in touch any time, any day, any device.
Get the most out of your partnership with us. Your account manager will have all the insights and insider tricks shared in quarterly in-person reviews so you can make the right calls.
Get a detailed picture of what you’re spending and where. Spot trends, know what’s happening with your budget and find ways to save money or make processes more efficient.
Melon’s got your back


Meet Melon

Your platform for booking, safety, reporting, policy, and expenses. Make bookings in 5 minutes and access millions of travel options tailored to you and your travel policy.

  • Intuitive user experience.
  • Bookings, online check-in and itineraries in one place.
  • Insightful reporting - analyse your programme and make the right calls. 
  • Access the best-negotiated rates, worldwide.
  • Chat to a travel expert with one tap.
  • Stay in the know with travel alerts and tracking.

Melon is powered by real people supporting your every need. Chat with travel experts, access safety features, and manage budgets, all anytime, anywhere on any device.

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Caring for people and planet

Both Melon and our Travel Consultants are on hand to make sure everyone gets to and from their trips safely and most efficiently.

  • Traveller information and advice ahead of a trip.
  • Real-time alerts and notifications to travellers if there are delays, disruptions or disasters.
  • See where your travellers are with risk maps and tracking.
  • Continuous monitoring of global alerts so we have a POA to keep travellers safe and reduce stress.
  • Regular reviews of your duty of care programme with your account manager to reflect changes and best practices.
  • Sustainability goals? We’ll help you find the most environmentally friendly suppliers, track your carbon footprint and more.
  • Tips and reviews to reduce stress and improve traveller wellbeing. 

Explore safety

The biggest change is that although the number of our travel bookings has doubled in the last year, our expenditure has not. This has been down to the work that Corporate Traveller has done in finding us the best value for our travel spend.

Susan Appleby, EA to CEO @ Domino

The safety, welfare and wellbeing of our staff is a primary focus. Knowing that Corporate Traveller can offer 24-hour assistance to our staff and have a clear understanding of their requirements is essential. In addition to their safety, we want staff to be confident that we have worked together to ensure the itineraries offer the quickest and most comfortable travel experience. Corporate Traveller helps us achieve this. 

Shape Services

Managing our account for so long, Francesca has been able to learn the needs and preferences of our regular travellers, which makes our communication quite easy. Francesca has been proactive in analysing our regular travel and speaks to hotel managers. Thanks to her, Holovis has benefitted from some great savings by getting

corporate hotel rates. 

Ada, Travel Booker @ Holovis

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