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Slam Dunk! The 5 goals of every great travel programme

When it comes to business travel, each trip, traveller and organisation is different. Some businesses have employees on the road all the time, building client relationships, sharing knowledge and networking, while others only gather for AGMs, conferences and events.

But while the purpose of each trip might differ, there are 5 main travel goals that every business hopes to achieve: smart savings; keeping travellers on the straight and narrow; safe, risk-free travel; sustainable travel; and, ultimately, happy travellers.

This guide, combined with our TravelGoals Calculator, will put all your travel goals within easy reach – and your travel programme on a flight path to success.

This comprehensive guide includes: 

  • 5 ways to keep costs under control. 
  • Tips for a kick-ass travel policy. 
  • 5 steps to ensure your people are kept safe while on the road. 
  • How to start on greener business travel. 
  • Questions to ask if you want happier travellers. 

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