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Travel management tips

Here’s the thing. Even the best, money-can’t-buy travel programmes need updating regularly to keep travellers safe and costs down. But if yours hasn’t been reviewed in a while don’t panic! Help is at hand.

Over the years we’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly of corporate travel management, and our experts know a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t. So, whether you’re busy booking or your travellers are currently grounded, grab the duster and let’s get started. 

1. Company checklist

  • Missed flights, lost passports… you name it, it happens. Check your travel insurance, look at what you're covered for.
  • To travel or not to travel? Make decision-making a breeze by clearly defining what travel is allowed.
  • Cut through the confusion by reviewing who’s authorised to book travel on behalf of your company. No authorisation, no booking.
  • Is that hotel safe? Is this aeroplane clean? It’s a new world of travel management out there, so decide if you need any new procedures to keep your travellers safe.

2. Looking for someone?

  • Swot up on your travellers and review their preferences – do they prefer a certain seat, meal-type, particular hotel location etc. 
  • Check you’ve got emergency contact information on file for each traveller in case it all hits the fan.
  • Audit what passport and visa info you have on file. Are you missing any? Are some coming up for expiry? You’ll thank us when you’re booking in half the time! 

3. A policy refresh is always a good idea

  • Let’s talk duty of care, because it’s time to implement risk management and duty of care into your corporate travel management programme. Not sure where to start? Let’s go!
  • Keep everything in line by reviewing your supplier agreements and making sure they fit with your with policy.
  • Watching the pennies? Highlight the use of credits on hold to minimise expenditure in the early stages of travelling.

4. Let’s get techy

  • Check your travellers have the latest travel apps downloaded and working. Don’t forget airline apps to collect those sweet frequent flyer points!
  • Ready to look, book, boom? Make sure you're all set up with Melon.
  • Expensing and reporting? We've got you covered too. Melon does it all in one platform.

5. What to know before you go

  • When in doubt, check it. And by ‘it’ we mean border restrictions, self-isolation rules, testing requirements, airline rules – you name it!
  • Keep it official by providing your travellers with a letter that states they’re travelling for ‘essential work’.
  • Make trips a breeze for travellers by creating a clear process to follow, from checking-in mid trip to post-trip protocols.

Need help refreshing your travel programme? Drop us a line.

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