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Reducing carbon footprints one flight at a time

Worldwide, the Lufthansa Group airlines are doing what they do best: connecting people, cultures, and economies. They are now taking on an even bigger challenge: shrinking their carbon footprint.

Their mission? Crystal clear: to keep you globally connected, powering face-to-face meetings with business partners while championing a greener aviation industry. The Lufthansa Group has set bold targets: carbon neutrality by 2050 and slashing net CO₂ emissions in half by 2030 compared to 2019

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Sustainable aviation fuel (SAF)

SAF isn't your everyday fuel; it’s a true alternative to fossil fuel and a key technology on the way to carbon-neutral aviation. Its potential? To slash CO₂ emissions by 80 percent compared to regular fossil fuels. SAF is already in use today and is crafted from biogenic residual materials, including fats from the food industry (yes, even those used cooking fats!) and industrial waste. It's recycling with a sky-high twist.

The Lufthansa Group isn't just watching from the sidelines; they're rolling up their sleeves and actively participating in projects like Sun-to-Liquid (StL) and Power-to-Liquid technology (PtL) to turbocharge the development of the next-gen SAF.

The Lufthansa Group's sustainable travel choices

Companies can already shrink their air travel by purchasing SAF. No minimum investment is needed - and they can have their commitment to their sustainability green-stamped.

  • With a contribution of up to 2,000 euros (or the local currency equivalent), you'll earn a certificate from the Lufthansa Group.
  • Put down 2,000 euros (or more), and an external auditor, following the Scope 3 Standard of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, will give you the thumbs-up for offsetting your company's eco-balance.
  • No one's left out – members of the Lufthansa Group's corporate bonus programme for small and medium-sized enterprises, PartnerPlusBenefit, can also swap their Benefit Points for SAF.

To make travelling more sustainably as easy as possible, the Lufthansa Group offers options to trim your flight's CO₂ emissions.

  • The Lufthansa Group Corporate Value Fares are your go-to for carbon offsetting, supporting high-quality climate protection projects and ensuring 100% carbon offsetting.
  • Sustainable Corporate Value Fares take it up a notch, offering a 20% carbon reduction through SAF and 80% carbon offsetting. Plus, you'll receive an official Scope 3 certificate for CO₂ mitigation in line with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol's standards.
  • The Lufthansa Group Compensaid online tool enables travellers to:
  • Easily calculate your flight's CO₂ emissions (no math wizardry required!)
  • Offset emissions by contributing to high-impact climate protection projects
  • Cut down CO₂ emissions from your flight using SAF
  • Opt to offset or reduce emissions before, during, or even after your flight.

Members of Miles & More can breeze through offsetting their flight-related emissions in the Miles & More App with just a tap of the ‘mindfulflyer’ feature.

Fly smarter, fly greener

Join the Lufthansa Group on their mission towards sustainable aviation by offsetting your flights' CO₂  emissions.


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