Corporate Traveller Gift Guide: The 15 Best Travel Gifts

What makes a good gift for the corporate traveller? If you’re looking for the ideal present for those in your life who travel around the UK or abroad frequently (either for work or pleasure), our Expert Travel Consultants have put together a list of the most useful and unique travel gifts they’ve found.

Mobile phone power bank charger

Great gifts for travel tech

 1. Portable power bank

The best gift for business travellers is a charging device. It’s an excellent gift for someone who is always on the go and need their phone battery to last more than five minutes! Luckily, there are lightweight, slim options that won’t take up too much space in your luggage.


2. International SIM card

Give the gift of easy communication and a worry-free phone plan. Who wants to worry about data plans? Next-generation SIM cards are easy to use and allow you to access data networks like a local. There are even eSIMs that work digitally with most up-to-date phones without inserting a card.


3. Folding keyboard

A folding Bluetooth keyboard easily fits into any travel bag, unfolds into a full-size keyboard and connects seamlessly to all devices. They don't need it, but that's why it's an ideal gift. It's a great, unique travel gift for productivity champions.


4. Smart luggage tracker

Haven't you heard? A luggage tracker is essential for stress-free travel, especially business trips. Help secure that all-important luggage with a trusted brand and that is compatible with their smartphone. Why not pick up one for a gift and one for yourself?


5. White noise machine

These soothing sleep aids come in a variety of prices and sizes - some even small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. This is the best gift for business travellers who have trouble with jet lag.

Optimal organisation gifts for business travellers


6. Tech organiser

Everyone carries a lot of tech these days, but what do you do with it all? Pick out a small, multi-pocket organiser that fits into a travel bag. It's like a toiletry bag for your devices!


7. Hanging toiletry bag

Unpack quickly in seconds with a hanging toiletry bag and keep your bathroom items organised and at your fingertips. It's the fast track from chaos to calm! Like the tech organisers we love, the ones with clear pockets are the best.

Christmas gift luggage scales
8. Digital luggage scale

A handheld scale for luggage is a great stocking filler and is so much more accurate than standing on a bathroom scale with a suitcase! Take it with you to check your luggage before you head home, to avoid any unexpected costs. Pro tip - If you're not traveling this holiday season, use it to weigh your packages.


9. Quality travel backpack

Commuter backpacks have gotten more sleek and stylish since the rise of hybrid working. Some are the perfect size for a personal item under the seat in front, making them the ideal gifts for someone travelling abroad.


10. Packing cubes

Have you ever tried packing cubes? Whether you fold, roll or layer your clothes when packing, these lightweight pouches can help you stay organised during packing and in the hotel room.

Christmas gift of a portable coffee maker

Little luxuries for the hotel room


11. Travel humidifier

With overactive harsh and dry heat or air conditioning systems in some hotels, a mini humidifier can be a game changer. They make unique travel gifts for use it in dry climates or older cities. Our Travel Experts love the ones that clip into a standard plastic water bottle and come with a travel adapter plug.


12. Portable coffee maker

Coffee is life, or that's what some people say (us included). Whether you like espresso or filter, portable coffee makers are the perfect gear for coffee cognisors or people who like to start their morning routine earlier than the locals.

13. Portable clothes steamer

No one likes ironing, right? Give the gift of looking good without the hassle. A portable steamer erases wrinkles like magic. No ironing board is required – what can be better than that!


14. Foldable valet tray

Travel luxury items make the best gifts for business travellers as they wouldn't buy them for themselves - the kind of ease that once you try, you'll never go back. These trays keeps all the important little bits together, like jewellery, keys and credit cards. Who wouldn't want their own pocket-sized butler?


15. Silk sleep mask or pillowcases

Elevate your relaxation and rest those tired eyes from jet lag and all-nighters, no matter where you lay your head. Get then the gift of a luxury sleep experience, silk pillowcases let you sleep like a cloud.

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