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Why you need a Customer Success Manager 

In this post-pandemic world, your travel programme needs to work harder than ever to stay on budget and keep your travellers safe. We provide Customer Success Managers to make that happen. 

Do I need a Customer Success Manager?

Is your travel programme - and budget - working as hard as it could? A Customer Success Manager could make all the difference. Their insight and expert advice can take even the best-managed travel programmes to the next level.

Your travellers need to know what’s what.

Your CSM makes your travel programme better. By reviewing your travel trends they’ll identify ways to drive savings and improve the traveller experience. They’ll even hook you up with the tech you need to experience streamlined, effortless travel. 

In general, Customer Success services include:

  • Reporting and reviews
  • Implementing your account
  • Supplier relationship management
  • Advice on travel policies and restarting your travel programme

Have your cake and eat it too

Account reviews give you the intel you need to completely optimise your travel programme. Here are some of the key topics to cover in your next account review:

Safety first

Keeping your travellers safe is your number one priority - and ours too! Our Customer Success Managers know how to boost duty of care by improving your current programme. They’ll help you develop processes to inform travellers of what to do in specific situations, from natural disasters, to falling sick while abroad.

With Melon, your travellers will have 24/7 access to expert travel support and instant updates and alerts in the palm of their hands. You’ll even be able to track them throughout their entire journey.

Find those sweet savings

By analysing your travel spend, your account manager can discover hidden savings. They’ll analyse:

  • Missed savings: when cheaper bookings were available but not taken by the booker/traveller.
  • Forward booking: how far in advance you are booking, which can seriously impact the cost of your trip.
  • Policy adherence: how often people are breaking policy rules like cabin class and hotel night limit.

If there’s an opportunity to save money in your travel budget, they’ll find it. From there they’ll recommend policy changes to restrict costly bookings and suggest actions to prevent out-of-policy bookings. They’ll even leverage our global supplier relationships to boost savings across the board.

Happy travellers, smooth journeys

COVID-19 re-set the agenda on traveller wellbeing. Account managers can work with you to support your travellers’ mental and physical health. Factors like allowing your travellers enough time between arriving at a destination and heading into meetings or allowing upgrades on return flights can make a big difference to morale. Ensuring your travellers know the requirements, if any, around COVID-19 testing and PPE can provide reassurance and inspire confidence.

Your Customer Success Managers will identify what makes your travellers happy and help you put new policies in place. That means giving your travellers the respite they need without going over budget.

We reached out to some of our clients to find out if their Client Success Managers helped throughout COVID-19. Of the 300 clients, 96% agreed that Corporate Traveller’s reaction and support during COVID-19 showed the value of the partnership and 98% recommend Corporate Traveller based on their experience.

Travel without the environmental impact

Ready to return to travel in an environmentally friendly way? You’ll need a robust carbon policy.

Manage your impact on the environment with:

  • Carbon reporting to provide full visibility on your travel emissions
  • Carbon analysis to look at how to reduce your impact
  • Carbon offsetting to offset the environmental impact of your travel

Choosing account management for your travel program is more than just booking travel. It’s about having the team behind you to make sure your programme is working for you, your people, and your business goals. It’s having the tools you need at your fingertips. It’s knowing who to call when you’re in a jam and always hearing a friendly voice on the other line.

Our Customer Success Managers are here to help you get back to business.

To take your travel programme to the next level, chat with our experts.

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