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Avoiding travel pitfalls for a not-for-profit

Business travel goals often start with the simplest of checklists, especially when you’re running a lean operation. With three clear objectives for Global Leadership Foundation, it didn’t take long for our partnership to reap the benefits.

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Travel needs for leaders

Global Leadership Foundation (GLF) is a network of former Presidents, Prime Ministers and senior government ministers which offers private and confidential advice to current Heads of Government. GLF’s busy and high-profile members need continuous travel support, within the budgets and lean operations of a not-for-profit organisation.

    GLF’s Operations Manager Peter Osborn has three travel goals, in his own words:

    1. Fast and reliable information to pass on to passengers
    2. Seamless travel itineraries , with the reassurance of 24/7 support throughout the travel period
    3. Value for money 

    It all starts with understanding

    Peter appreciates the “solid understanding” that Corporate Traveller consultants have of GLF’s business and its travellers’ needs. End-to-end travel support is required for busy people, alongside the best pricing possible.

    The Corporate Traveller team provide fast, reliable options along with advice and recommendations. If there are any issues during a trip, the team is always there to help.

    “In this way Corporate Traveller has helped GLF avoid many pitfalls in an increasingly complex marketplace,” says Peter.

    “My experience with Corporate Traveller is excellent. Always very friendly and supportive, and consultants work as a team as well so nothing get lost.”

    Peter Osborn, Operations Manager @ Global Leadership Foundation

    …even during the pandemic

    Support continued during the COVID pandemic, as did the focus on value for money. Because saving money on travel isn’t just about securing the best prices at time of booking; it’s also managing changes and cancellations with our team’s travel know-how.

    “Corporate Traveller were fantastic during the COVID pandemic in helping GLF secure refunds on dozens of cancelled flights, while also managing our concerns and expectations during this difficult time,” says Peter.

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