Blackmore’s CSR programme in practice

Occasionally direction comes from a wider business objective. When a customer comes to us with those goals, it’s our business to slot those into the travel programme.

 That’s what happened when Blackmores implemented a supplier Code of Conduct.


Health at the heart

By the nature of its business, Blackmores has always considered the community and environment. They’re Australia’s leading natural health company, with a range of vitamin, minerals, herbal and nutritional supplements.

The business decided to take CST to the next level. They implemented a supplier Code of Conduct; a framework outlining their expectations for sustainable sourcing, social responsibilities and business transparency.

They now work through their Code of Conduct with all their suppliers to find out where they can make improvements. It means they can ensure that every aspect of their company is sustainable, from their own practices to those of their suppliers.

Top of the scale

As a supplier to Blackmores, we were happy to be assessed and put our own CSR to the test. We scored 93%, putting us at the top end of the scale.

“When the Blackmores team first spoke to us about the Code, we were excited straight away. In our assessment, we were able to demonstrate how Corporate Traveller cares about treating people well. We showed how we give back to the community, we talked a lot about ethics and good governance, as well as our commitment to sustainability and reducing our environmental impact. Caring about people is in our culture, so working on the Code and answering all of the questions was a task we really believed in,” says Sally King, National Account Management Leader for Corporate Traveller.

Blackmore’s new code is the perfect example of a CSR programme that works. It helps them go above and beyond to not only offset their environmental impact, but create a positive impact overall.

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