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Updated 10th May 2023

From Friday 12th May 4am UK time, all UK travellers whether vaccinated against COVID or not can travel to New York and the US! If you’ve not travelled for a while then here's a refresher of what you'll need ahead of your next flight. 

This page will get you ready for your trip to the Big Apple including:

  • FAQs on vaccine and testing requirements. 
  • Airline, flight and booking information. 


How do I apply for an ESTA?

All travellers with a non-US passport need a valid ESTA to travel to the United States. Here’s the link to apply for an ESTA (Electrotnic System for Travel Authorization).


What are the vaccination requirements for New York and the US, and how do I show the result?

As of 12th May 2023, you won't need to show your vaccination status to fly to the United States. 

If you ever are asked,  the NHS COVID pass and European Digital COVID Certificate are accepted on a smartphone or printout. Further information on the forms of acceptable proof of vaccination can be found on the CDC Website. Don’t forget to charge your smartphone battery before travelling!


Do I need a COVID test and what’s required?

The US removed the requirement for a COVID test pre-travel in 2022. If you feel unwell, it is generally advised not to travel. 


CDC Travel Assessment

Take this quick quiz to see if you're eligible to travel to the USA.


Airline verification apps

Airlines have their own verification apps - uploading your documents to these will speed up the check-in process. For more info and to download, check your airline below. 


Does the US still have COVID requirements? 

It is recommended to wear a mask in public spaces, but not mandatory. 


After arriving in the USA

Recommendations only 

Are there any rules around contact tracing?

Before you travel, your airline will ask for your contact phone number and address while in the US. You can normally add these details in the 'Manage my Booking' section of the airline's website or app.


Where can I find more information?

FCDO travel advice for USA

CDC Travel Guidance

Already book with us? Get in touch with your travel consultant if you have any doubts about US travel (or anything else!) Looking for general advice? Drop us a line below.

Booking your trip

Always ready when you are. Reach out to your travel team or platform any time to book your next trip to New York, or any other US city! Our teams are with you along the way, from booking and pre-trip advice to 24/7 assistance if you need it.

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