Runway-ready travel management for the fashion industry 

Anyone who has ever worked in the fashion industry knows that coordinating travel can be challenging to say the least. There are trunk-loads of factors to consider, from accommodating different time zones to dealing with last-minute changes. 

But there’s one thing that the right travel management company (TMC) can do to make your life a whole lot easier—and that's understanding the unique challenges of the fashion industry. 

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We know the drill (and where to find the best value) 

Travelling for events, photo shoots, trunk shows, etc., can be hectic, but fortunately, we thrive under pressure. At Corporate Traveller, we know all the ins and outs of fashion industry travel, so we can help you avoid inconveniences—like forgetting to book a room near the venue or not giving your travellers enough time to get from the airport to their appointments. Plus, we have relationships with hotels, airlines, and other vendors, so we can often get you better deals on high-end travel than you could get on your own. 

We handle the details so you can keep up with the next big trends

Everything you need to know

We plan for the worst (so you don't have to)

No one knows last-minute changes better than our experts. We're used to dealing with cancellations, delays, and schedule changes, so you don't have to sweat it when things go off-kilter. We'll work with you to come up with backup plans and contingency options so that you're never caught without a plan B (or C, or D...). Plus, with 24/7 emergency support, we’re just a call or chat away if things go awry outside of business hours.

We handle travel logistics so you can focus on what matters

When you're dealing with travel logistics, it's easy to get bogged down in the details. But when you work with us, we take care of all the nitty-gritty stuff for you—from booking and managing your travel, getting the data and reports that you need, and even the best locations to capture the perfect shots! Leave the details to us, so you can focus on what matters most.
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We roll out the red carpet for your VIPs

As experts in white glove service, we know what it takes to meet the requests and needs of your most VIP travellers. We've got you, whether that's finding the best First-Class seat, arranging charters, black car transportation, or checking off all the hotel room requirements. You’ll have access to a Dedicated travel consultant to make sure all of your needs are met!

Privacy is a top priority

When it comes to our clients, we value their privacy and keep their identities discrete. We’ll never disclose their travel information outside of approved people, so they can travel safer knowing their travel plans are protected and private.

Tech that you can count on 

Whether you need to get reports of your travel spending for each trip, or look back on a whole season, we have a robust reporting suite to pull the metrics you need to stay on top of it all. 

Have quick trips to book? Looking for an itinerary? Need to manage traveller profiles? Add in frequent flyer numbers? Register your travellers? 

Melon makes it easier than ever to do what you need to do. And we are here to provide any tech training and support you need. 




Group travel has never been so seamless


Whether you need to move a few people or a whole bunch, group travel has never felt so simple. We’ll take care of negotiating the best rates and the logistics of varying departure cities and dates, luggage and preferences, so that you can focus on other more important tasks. When group travel is this easy, you’ll wonder why you didn’t find us sooner.  

Ready to hit the runway?


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